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 Picatinny, New Jersey

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Did You Know?

The United States is engaged in a "Technology War" with other nations threatening our position as the world leader.

Do You Agree?

We must act now to insure that the students of today, who will be the workforce of tomorrow, are prepared to maintain our security.

More of our younger generation should enter Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) careers.

Students can be motivated by being shown the importance, the challenges, the excitement, and the rewards of a STEM career.

Technological skills are becoming increasingly necessary for all who want to be productive members of society.

The United States can win the Technology War!

Will you help?


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What's New in our STEM Program?


What's New: Shahram Dabiri!

Shah has now joined the STEM Team in the Picatinny Office on a full time basis. As a child Shah liked to play with Legos. In school his favorite class was technology, particularly statics. He graduated from SUNY University of Buffalo as a Mechanical Engineer.

On his first full day working with us in the STEM office he received notification that he had been awarded his second patent. (talk about a great way to impress your new coworkers). A few weeks later three private industry contractors were in the office discussing ways they could support our STEM Outreach Program. They mentioned a project in which they were currently manufacturing items for the army. I looked at Shah and said “ isn’t that what you got one of your patents for creating?” Shah responded affirmatively. Only a photo could adequately describe the looks on those contractor’s faces when they realized they were talking to the engineer who invented what they were now producing.

Shah Dabiri, accomplished in the research arena, impressive in the business world, and now available to inspire students in schools in the Picatinny area. You can contact him through the DOTC STEM Office. Who would you rather have speak to your students, some stranger on a video or the “real deal,” live and in person?

Posted by Ed Petersen, DOTC STEM Program Manager


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